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Negotiations 2011


Keep up to date with the latest developments by following the Local Lodge 727-N website:


Local Lodge 727-N



LM Plant Protection Negotiations Update
Wednesday April 27, 2011



Today April 27th 2011 the Company presented your Negotiating Committee with its LAST BEST AND FINAL contract proposal.


Your Negotiating Committee is recommending the ratification of the proposal. Follow the LINK at the bottom of the page for the Companies offer.


Tony Aragues and Russell Wiggins will be responding to all three plants with a summary of the Companies presentation and be available to answer your questions.




The polls will be open at the Palmdale Union Hall on Friday April 29th from 0700 hours to 1500 hours closed only for a lunch break.


Palmdale Officers on day shift and Graveyard Officers working over will be provided with a voting break (0700-1100) - PLEASE VOTE - Be sure to call for your voting break.


Palmdale Officers: Graveyard Officers - vote as soon as you clock out. Swing Shift Officers make sure you come to the Palmdale Union Hall and vote before reporting for work.


Helendale and Rye Canyon Officers will be polled by Tony Aragues and Russell Wiggins.


Click here for a copy of the Company's Last Best and Final offer.



LM Plant Protection Negotiations Update
Wednesday April 20 2011


Brothers and Sisters:


Your negotiating committee met with the Company today in order to discuss your contract. It was our intention to complete all of the non-economics by the end of the day. Unfortunantely there were numerous non-economic issues to be discussed and were not able to finish. One item that you Negotiating Committee and the Company discussed at great lengh was the implementation of a lead position in Plant Protection, discussions to continue.


Your Negotiating Committee has ageed to meet with the Company again on April 26th and the 27th.

Please be advised it is our intention to conduct the contract ratification vote on Friday the 29th of April.


As always we will continue to update you with all pertinent information as soon as possible.

LM Plant Protection Negotiations Update
Tuesday April 19 2011


Brothers and Sisters:


Your negotiating committee (Gary Holt, Dean Brewton, Tony Aragues, Russell Wiggins) met today with the representatives of the Company (Bob McPherson, Lisa A. Deitz, Karyn Hennigan, Mike Belzil, Ken Hunter, James Palmer, Mike Curnow) to discuss your contract.


Today's venue centered around non-economic issues only. As you know the economic portions of the contract will not be discussed until all of the non-economics have been resolved.


Your negotiating committee will resume meeting with the company tomorrow (Wednesday April 20). We will endeavor to resolve all non-economic aspects of the contract as soon as possible but with all due diligence.


It is our intent to begin economic discussions as soon as possible. We will of course continue as always to update as the need arises.


LM Plant Protection Negotiations Update
Monday April 18 2011

Brothers and Sisters:


Tuesday, April 19th will mark the beginning of contract talks between Lockheed-Martin Aero Company - Palmdale and Plant Protection Officers. We are scheduled to exchange our proposals at 10 a.m. and begin negotiations.


We are currently scheduled to meet with the Company's committee on April 19, 20, 26 and conclude on the 27th. Tentative date for our Contract Vote will be on Friday, April 29th. More information later!


Your Committee will work very hard to get the very best possible contract we can. Show your support for your Committee.


We will be doing our best to keep you updated with the progress of the talks via this web page and/or the District Lodge 725 web page.


I have spoken with Bryan Miller, Editor, and he will be posting the large files on their page, if necessary. You can connect on to the District web page through the Links page here and we will be posting a short cut, direct link, to our page as soon as we can. This should take you directly to the information about our contract talks that is posted on the District web page.


If you go directly to the District web page, as you enter on the left side at the top there is a menu which shows "Negotiations" click here and then scroll down through the articles.


Please pass the word, "keep up with the on going negotiation by checking out our Local Lodge web page".


Thank you, Your Committee



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